Current clients include an artist, writer, small college, health professional and educator and a variety of other people.

Laura Ramberg, artist, sculptor and educator

Kaw Valley Almanac

Memorial Site to Bill Hatke

Enamels by Herb Friedson

Susan Kraus

Curtis Barhill, Attorney at Law LLC

Carriage Factory Art Gallery

Other sites that can give you an idea of the professional and artistic possibilities of wordpress include the following, designed by or greatly contributed to by members of our family:

Kansas Area Watershed Council (and Kaw Valley Seeds Project)

Continental Bioregional Congress

A Wing and a Page blog

Brave Voice: Writing & Singing For Your Life (designed by Alex Hartman)

Denise Low, writer, publisher, educator and poet (banner designed by Alex Hartman

In addition to website work, I do some reporting and writing on the side for the local college paper where I go to school.  Articles of min that I have written can be viewed here.