Rates & Packages

IMG_3253Bluestem Web Design offers services to help you start, edit, maintain and update your own website or blog at a low cost and with friendly service.

* Setting up a wordpress blog or website according to your specifications.

* Editing text copies and photos for your site or blog.

* Once your site is established, maintaining and updating your site or blog, or teaching you to maintain and update your site on your own.


  • Blog package: $50-$100, depending on specifications. This includes meeting with you to determine your needs (either in person or through other means), setting up blog, and meeting with you to finalize blog.  Also included are either two hours of tutoring you on how to update your blog, or two hours of me performing updates in the future.
  • Website package: $150-$300, depending on number of pages and amount of copy/length of site. This includes meeting with you to determine your needs, setting up site, and meeting with you to finalize site.  As with the blog package, I include either two hours of tutoring you on updating your own site, or two hours of me doing the updates in the future.
    • Please note that halfway into the construction of a site, half of the payment will be asked for.  The other half is then payed upon completion of the site.
    • Also, initial estimates on the cost of constructing a site are made at the start of construction.  However these numbers may not reflect the complete cost of the site.  The fee for site construction is finalized at the midway point and will not be changed beyond that point.
  • Extra hours of tutoring or blog/site updates for the Blog and Website packages are charged at $15/hour. House calls to help you with your site are $20/hour
  • Website migration: $15/hour, final cost varies based on the complexity of the site being migrated.  Many institutions and individuals these days are migrating their websites to wordpress or some similar web 2.o managing site.  I can copy your original website page for page and guarantee a complete transfer of data.  Also included in this is a complete proofreading of your original website to correct any small errors that may be present before the website is migrated.

Webcopy editing and photo editing: $15/hour.
Updating and maintenance services: $15/hour.